Refined Draft Vision for the Southeast Service Enhancement Plan

We’ve been talking with riders and community members about improving bus service in Southeast Portland, Estacada, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Oregon City and Clackamas County. Based on what we’ve learned about the challenges people face today and how these areas will grow in the future, we’re proposing future changes to bus service that would improve access to jobs, education, healthcare, affordable housing and essential services.



What we heard from the community

The Draft Vision for the Southeast Service Enhancement Plan was released in July 2015 and was followed by extensive outreach to the community. This refined vision proposes an additional new bus line and routing changes and more hours of service on existing lines. These changes would further improve access to education and jobs, help fill gaps in our coverage, and help serve future population growth.

What has changed since the summer 2015 Draft Vision?

  • Based on feedback we received, this refined draft vision for Southeast bus service reflects the following changes:
  • Change Line 29 route to continue service on SE Lake for more direct east-west service between Downtown Milwaukie and the Clackamas Transit Center.
  • Change Line 79 route to SE 82nd and Washington for faster service between Clackamas Town Center and Oregon City.
  • Add more service on Line 99 for more connections between
    Milwaukie and Downtown Portland.
  • Change Line 152 route for a direct east-west connection between Downtown Milwaukie and the Clackamas Transit Center and to improve service to International Way and the CCC Harmony Campus.
  • Change the proposed Line Y route to serve SE 21st, SE Clinton and SE 26th to operate the bus more safely.
  • Add proposed Line W to serve SE Thiessen, future development in Oregon City and to take over service for the Line 79.

Other service enhancements

MAX Orange Line

  • The 7.3-mile MAX Orange Line opened on September 12, 2015, and extends from Portland State University, South Waterfront, across Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, to Southeast Portland, Milwaukie, and north Clackamas County. To improve access to the Orange Line, we made these changes:
  • 10 bus routes were adjusted to improve local service and make connections to the Orange Line
  • 2 new Park & Rides were built
  • 10.3 miles of new or replaced sidewalks and 7.8 miles of new or replaced bicycle facilities were built along the alignment
  • 446 new bike parking spaces were added

The project also created more than 14,500 jobs and contracted with 134 minority and emerging businesses, known as Disadvantaged Business Enterprises or DBE firms.

Service to Happy Valley and Pleasant Valley

Future service to areas with economic development opportunities in Pleasant Valley and Happy Valley, such as along 172nd Avenue, will be made in coordination with our city and county partners and guided by the timing and scale of future development.

Faster bus service

TriMet may explore additional limited-stop service options on very high-ridership corridors to provide faster service. We’ll also continue to partner with local cities, counties and ODOT to identify and implement transit supportive investments (e.g., transit signal priority, etc.) to improve service and reduce delay.

Connecting Portland and Gresham

In addition to the proposed bus service improvements in this Refined Draft Vision, the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project will make traveling between Gresham and Downtown Portland faster, easier and safer, with rapid and reliable transit service—all supporting better access to jobs and educational opportunities. The route and station areas for the new transit service are expected to be confirmed in 2016. An extensive bus service planning effort will identify further adjustments to existing bus service along and intersecting the new transit service, which could open in 4-7 years.

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